The NYC-based James Beaudreau Band was active from December 2016 to December 2018. The band played monthly gigs at Shrine World Music Venue in Harlem, as well as other venues, beginning in March 2017, and wrapped up that run in December 2018.

Like the Grateful Dead, we try to approach the music we play in a spirit of exploration and celebration.

Members were: James Beaudreau (lead guitar / vocal), Anne DeAcetis (vocal / percussion), Caili O’Doherty (keyboards), Ben Kraus (bass), and Kyle McCarter (drums). Additional musicians included: Evan Pazner, Andrew Fleming, Luke Folger, Zach Harmon, and Alex DeTurk (drums); Ian Riggs, Rocky Russo, Tom FitzPatrick and Ike Sturm (bass); and Philip Lynch (guitar and bass).

Guitarist James Beaudreau is a former member of San Francisco’s Billy Nayer Show, and the founder of Workbench Recordings, a boutique label. Through Workbench he's produced three of his own experimental, improvisation-based albums: Java St. Bagatelles (2006), Fresh Twigs (2008), and Astral Law (2011). In 2014 he produced Philip Lynch's debut LP, At the Start At Long Last.